Online and face-to-face consultancy to give life to your change, towards freedom, evolve in relationships, find your frequency, vibrate and live an authentic existence in harmony. We work together with unique and effective tools, in particular PNL e ThetaHealing®.

Introducing Opsis

Opsis is your path to your own universe, to identify and define where and how to make the necessary changes towards freedom from fears and blocks.

Find out where

you really want to go, without conditioning 

and find your way

I am Anna

Italian by birth, Belgian by high education and almost by adoption, Greek for love, but above all a globetrotter.

As a sceptical, logical, Cartesian bio-engineer, I began to progressively nourish the curiosity for what escapes the 5 senses and so for the spirit. This is how NLP and ThetaHealing® came to me, passing through transactional analysis, the enneagram, family constellations and much more.

What can I do for you

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